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'Man curling weight flexing bicep'

ED Solutions Beyond Testosterone and Pills

Unravel the facts about testosterone, sildenafil, and holistic approaches to tackle the erectile dysfunction challenge head-on.

Urology 'Urology patient sitting in exam room'

New Lift for Enlarged Prostate

Are you a mature man suffering from an enlarged prostate? Learn about the UroLift System, a game-changing treatment for BPH symptoms.

Urology 'Female knees on toilet'

Maintain a Healthy Bladder

Would you like to maintain a healthy urinary tract? Check out these simple tips for preventing infections and promoting overall urinary health.

Nutrition 'Broccoli, chicken and rice'

Eating Low-Oxalate Foods

Organically occurring within many foods you eat, too many oxalates can lead to health problems. Discuss these oxalate-reduction strategies with a medical professional.

Nephrology 'Male with backache'

Kidney Stone Diagnosis Complications

Simple tasks like lifting boxes, rising out of bed, or putting on socks became a test of endurance. Why has this baffled doctors for years?


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Nephrology 'Female holding stomach on sofa'

Kidney Stone vs Kidney Bullet

Patients might liken kidney stone pain to having a bullet lodged within them. Yet, treatment varies for the two scenarios.

Woman 'Orange ladybug on green leaf'

No Big Thing

While something out of the ordinary may be enticing, consider more important factors without going to extraordinary lengths.

Urology 'Neon wash room sign'

Is Incontinence Preventable?

After several accidental leaks, you may be wonder­ing if you’re develop­ing inconti­nence and wheth­er there are precau­tions to prevent or reverse it.

Immunology 'Home-test kit'

California Urges At-Home STI Tests

California has become the first state to require health insurance to cover at-home tests for sexually transmit­ted infections such as HIV, chlamydia, and syphilis.

Urology 'Couple staring in bed'

Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction

If you notice significant reduc­tion in the amount of semen or none at all, urology special­ists will differen­tiate EDO from retro­grade ejaculation.

Nephrology 'Hands holding smartphone on toilet'

Urinalysis Nightmare

A man discovers an unsettling sight during a bathroom visit that leads to a sequence of rapid medical events with laggard resolution.

Nephrology 'Man receiving dialysis treatment'

The Value of Dialysis

Severe dehydration, trauma, and other conditions can lead to kidney failure. Dialysis is an interim procedure until a kidney transplant is available.


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