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35 articles tagged Orthopedics
'Amputee mother with toddler'

Physical Disability and Pregnancy

Bestowing the gift of life is not limited to able-bodied women. How can those with physical limitations overcome the challenges?

Fitness 'Bed stretching woman'

Simple Snake Stretch

Imagine yourself tracing an “S” or moving as a snake as you perform this simple stretching exercise in bed before rising.

Physiotherapy 'Ankylosing Spondylitis'

Ankylosing Spondylitis Onset

If you suffer from recur­ring acute back pain, you might have a form of inflam­ma­tory arthritis that limits your mobility.

Orthopedics 'Hip pain x-ray'

Candidate For Hip Replacement

If hip pain inter­feres with sitt­ing, stand­ing, walk­ing, driv­ing, work­ing, or shop­ping, you may be a candidate for hip replacement.

Orthopedics 'Hand tapping digital tablet'

Finger-Tapping Pain

Prolonged tapping against resist­ance strains the nerves and tendons within your muscle­less fingers.


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Fitness 'Kettle ball gym workout'

Strengthen Core Muscles

Your core-muscle strength is arguably more important than biceps. What problems occur when neglected and how can you strengthen them?

Orthopedics 'Osteopath touching back'

Why Doctors Won’t Fix Your Back

Pain in your lower back is excru­ciat­ing most days. But for years, your doctor explores options other than orthopedic surgery. Why the hesitation?

Orthopedics 'Straightening Out Scoliosis'

Straightening Out Scoliosis

Spinal surgery for scoliosis is more of an aesthetic remedy than medical resolu­tion. What are consi­dera­tions before going under the knife?

Physiotherapy 'Physiotherapist or Osteopath'

Physiotherapist or Osteopath

Which medical professional is best for your injury? Under­stand­ing differences between physio­therapy and osteopathy will get you in the right place.

Physiotherapy 'Physiotherapy stretching'

Remote Physiotherapy Services

If you hurt yourself during the pandemic, what services can physio­therapists provide with social distancing?

Rheumatology 'Coping with Arthritis'

Developing Aches, Pains and Squeaks

If you are one of nearly 70 million U.S. citizens with this condition, you will appreciate some tips to maintain mobility.

Podiatry 'Broken Foot vs Sprain'

Did You Break Your Toe?

Can you distinguish the dif­fer­ence between a broken foot, sprain, and covid toe based on extent of trauma, how fast pain subsides, and X-ray?


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