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If you hurt yourself during the pandemic, what services can physio­therapists provide with social distancing?

Publish 22 June 2021

Do Doctors Still Care?

If you hurt yourself and require a physio­therapist, what can you do? Chronic patients and those in the hospital with COVID-19 require physio­therapy services. Does this valuable service grind to a halt during a pandemic?

Physiotherapy via Telehealth

We think of physiotherapy as a hands-on rehabilita­tive service. Due to advance­ments in video conferencing platforms, many remote medical services are available. So you do not need to wait until the pandemic is completely over to receive treatment.

Telehealth technology benefits orthopedic physio­therapists who primarily deal with skeletal system concerns. Don’t fear that a digital appointment is not as helpful as an in-person appointment. In some cases, virtual orthopedic and physiotherapy services can provide more benefits than office visits.

Physiotherapy stretches

Some apps can help you track your treatment progress and communicate with your physio­therapist or orthopedic physio­therapist. By means of a video camera, your therapist can watch you perform certain routines for further guidance.

In an April 2020 report of over 600 physio­therapists, more than a quarter were continuing to work in person. They implemented standard COVID-19 protocols of hand washing, mask wearing, material disinfection, and, glove use.

Priority Rehabilitation Patient Groups

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  • Patients that have or have recently had significant injuries such as:
  1. burns
  2. spinal cord injury
  3. traumatic brain injury
  4. fractures
  5. musculoskeletal injuries
  • Patients recovering from surgery
  • Patients with conditions such as stroke or myocardial infarction
  • Patients in need of long-term rehabilitation in hospitals
  • Patients who are not able to be discharged to a safe environment

Rehabilitation is an essential part of health care and is integral to achieving universal health coverage. When hands-on physiotherapy is on hold in many parts of the world, much of the motiva­tion must come from within. You can get your hands on an app and still recover from knee injuries, and post-op rehabi­lita­tion. So if you need the service, make the call.

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