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The following humor may be too soon for some. This is an obtuse call to address education deficiencies during the coronavirus pandemic. Some facts may be exaggerated for the sake of amusement.

⚠️ Reader discretion advised. I respect the work of medical professionals on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. My heart goes out to all those adversely affected, whether by personal health battles, the loss of friends or family, or economic hardship. Many helpful articles on this site address the serious nature of this topic. This post takes a detour in presentation method to share the state of our educational system with a bit of levity. Some humor may not translate well into other languages.

Remote Learning

This year many school districts put our children in a petri dish experiment for remote classrooms. How’s that working out? Well, most numbers are up… except the grade point averages.

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>Son: “I learned how to hide my screen in less than 2 seconds.”

There is valid concern over child exploita­tion and children watching explicit material. It is a difficult subject to broach because mentioning the word “child” and the problem in one sentence flags your material as inappro­priate. The warning morphs into an instruction manual for minors.

Monitoring students at home is challenging for remote teachers. When I was in grade school, a disruptive child was sent to the principal’s office. There, a long paddle hung on the wall. That paddle struck fear in the minds of rambunc­tious children. Occationally, it struck them in the behind. With remote class­rooms, the most threatening thing a teacher can do is mute the child’s audio.

College Experience

Colleges and universities opened doors to students so they could get the “college experience.” There were posters on the walls, social-distancing decals on the floors, and soap in the dispensers. Students settle into their dorms where they stretch out on their bed, open their laptop, and login to class.

They are instructed to wear masks and social distance everywhere except during beer pong at Bif's frat party. With all the restrictions, many students feel they need a break, particularly during spring. College Covid numbers are up too—not the GPA.

Remote learning has raised many questions in the minds of parents and students: Should I continue watching the instructor when the audio and video are out of sync? Can I use the excuse that my dog ate my homework when everything is digital? Is it worth mortgaging my fclass="hangingindent"uture for what amounts to daily YouTube streams?

Senior graduation ceremonies are quite different. Schools experiment with drive-up diploma collection, at-home celebrations, and proxy robots. The preferred replacement for cap and gown is now the Apple Card.

We learn from this experiment that there are problems with both in-person and online learning during the pandemic. It takes maturity, ingenuity, greater patience, and more mask wearing to pass the pandemic test. In summary, adults need more education to monitor children and students need to behave more like adults.

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