'Children access internet at school'

Child-Safe Internet

Is the internet safe for your child? Discover key strategies to protect them from online risks while fostering a positive digital experience.

Neurology 'Teen emo girls'

Are Young Adults Undeveloped?

According to neuroimaging studies, adolescent brains continue maturing through age 25. What are the implications on legal, social, and emotional young adult life?

Nutrition 'School lunch milk'

Dairy Clash With Schools Over Milk

Got milk in school? Farmers fight health advocates over the creamy ‘whole’ variety. The backstory of school lunch milk is nauseating.

Education 'Blonde man juggling balls'

Do You Have Multipotentiality?

What do you call a Jack of all trades who is a master of each? Society belittles the notion, but how do you enjoy life as one of these unique individuals?

Education 'Young boy reading next to stack of books'

How Dyslexics Learn to Read

How do you teach someone to read when what they see, hear, and write differs from what other students perceive?


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Technology 'Black woman reading book with coffee'

Is Technology Your Master?

Are video games replacing reading? Does technology rule your life or do you and your family relegate it to a subservient role?

Humor 'Teens laughing'

Birth of Inclusivity

This article may seem to be about obesity. It might sound cruel. But the point is that health problems and moral issues are acquies­cing to inclusivity.

Pediatrics 'African-American woman portrait'

School Nurses Are Family Doctors

School nurses are well aware of the choices low-income parents face. In many cases they willingly assume the role of de facto family physician.

Mental health 'Teen girl confrontation'

College Students Need Therapists

Amid a nationwide short­age, colleges and univer­sities are struggling to keep up with the demand for mental health services.

Emotions 'Troubled teens'

Troubled Teen Industry Loopholes

Residential youth treatment programs sometimes use questionable methods for behavioral health issues. Despite state laws, families still complain.

Education 'Classroom social distancing'

Parents Find Disruption Is the New Normal

Outdated: Children are used to wearing masks as part of their attire. But returning to classrooms can increase the spread of covid within homes.

Humor 'Pandemic Levity – Education'

Pandemic Levity – Education

This post takes a detour in presentation method to share the state of our educational system with a bit of levity. Parents and children reverse roles.


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