'What Works From The Bottom And Never Gets On Top?'

What Works From The Bottom And Never Gets On Top?

You might feel you are working at a dead-end job but this impressive pair is content with its position and function in life.

Dermatology 'What Is Both All Over And In One Place?'

What Is Both All Over And In One Place?

The question provides a big clue when you narrow answers down to the human organism.

Pulmonology 'This Organ Only Makes Music Only While Malfunctioning'

This Organ Only Makes Music While Malfunctioning

Normal respiratory sounds are faint, requiring amplification to hear. Are you whistling and crackling to the sound of music?

Cardiology 'Blood Pressure Highs and Lows'

Blood Pressure Highs and Lows

What is the difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure? What happens when the numbers are similar?

Dermatology 'What Grows Thinner Over Time?'

What Grows Thinner Over Time?

Generally, it is not our waistline that thins as we age. Depending on genes and gender, another type of thinning may be inevitable.


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Neurology 'What Can People Get On That Runs Through You?'

What Can People Get On That Runs Through You?

Sometimes it is not just people. Delays, bills, even this question might get on yours.

Addictions 'You Are Probably Addicted to This'

You Are Probably Addicted to This

Addiction is not limited to injections imbibitions or inhalations. It includes tech­nology and health obsessions. Researchers say everybody is addicted to something. Learn why you can’t put it down.

Dermatology 'Avoid These Mistakes If You Get Burned'

Avoid These Mistakes If You Get Burned

The thought of being burned is so repulsive that few prepare for the inevitability. Learn what to do and not do in a medical emergency.

Fitness 'The BMI Controversy'

The BMI Controversy

Without a BMI health chart, a doctor can surmise that a patient with anorexia nervosa is malnourished and someone who is morbidly obese likely has weight related disorders.

Food 'Nuts Prevent T2 Diabetes'

Nutty Idea May Prevent T2 Diabetes

In what sounds like a clinical study by the Nutty Professor, research shows that snacking on pistachios and almonds might prevent Type 2 Diabetes.


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