'Why Don’t You Think It’s Funny?'

Why Don’t You Think It’s Funny?

Humor is subjective, because everyone’s brain is wired a bit differently. Word associations are reinforced by a repetition of individual life experiences.

Dermatology 'What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?'

What is Hypoallergenic?

Experiencing rashes or itching from wearing certain metals can make jewelry shopping a challenge. Hypoallergenic is commonly misunderstood.

Dermatology 'Can You Get Rid of Eyebrow Bugs?'

Can You Get Rid of Eyebrow Bugs?

If your face has unwanted parasites, they may be temporarily eradicated with these solutions.

Individual 'Office chair back pain'

Your Life May Depend Upon Your Chair

Learn health benefits of ergo­nomic seating, which chair has best warranty, and how to refurbish a broken one.

Prescriptions 'Are Antibiotics Making You Sick?'

Are Antibiotics Making You Sick?

What are reasons why taking an antibiotic might actually make us feel worse? Patients may experience fatigue and other adverse reactions from nutrient depletion.


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Nutrition 'Prevent Heat Strokes'

Prevent Heat Strokes

Too much heat, either too quickly or over an extended period of time, may prevent our bodies from efficiently cooling through perspiration.

Cosmetology 'Bearded male hairstylist'

Barber or Hairstylist Career?

Should you become a cosmetologist or barber? With much less training, a barber can earn the same, if not more, than the average hairstylist.

Food 'Sprouting tomato'

Distinguish Fruits From Veggies

Establishing differences between fruits, vegetables, and nightshades determine how they are stored and consumed.

Food 'How to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables'

Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

The health benefits of refrigera­tors having separate fruit and vege­table bins might surprise you. Also why should some produce be kept from the refrigerator?

Neurology 'Floating woman having out-of-body experience'

What is an Out-of-Body Experience?

Some people boast about out-of-body experiences while others fear them. Just what are they and why do some people strive to induce them? Are they an indication of health issues?

Disability 'Man seated with athletic limb prosthesis'

Where Do We Stand On Prosthetics?

In the race for more natural solutions, prostheses need not resemble the ill-fitted mannequin-like appendages of the 1940s. Here is a summary of top prosthetics and where to get them.

Otolaryngology 'What Drum Beats Only Loud Enough For You To Hear?'

What Drum Beats Only Loud Enough For You To Hear?

Your personal percussionists beat loud enough to entertain and inform you. What stops the music?


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