Can You Get Rid of Eyebrow Bugs?


Everyone eventually gets them as the immune system weakens.

Alarmed By Your Dermal Parasites?


Flaky eyebrows are more than an annoyance. If you wear eyeglasses, the particles impair vision through your lenses. They may also cover your desk and keyboard. Most people assume it is dandruff but something more insidious can be involved. Your eyebrows, beard, and try not to be alarmed, your entire face may be covered with parasites and their waste.

With passing decades these face and body mites proliferate to thousands of different—mostly harmless—species. Though we are not born with them, everyone eventually gets them as the immune system weakens from aging, antibiotics, opioids, immuno­suppres­sive drugs, or HIV.

The popular translucent Demodex mites can be found with their heads lodged near sebaceous glands. Your eyebrows may bug you but Demodex are not limited to eyebrows.

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