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36 articles tagged Orthopedics
'Broken Foot vs Sprain'

Did You Break Your Toe?

Can you distinguish the dif­fer­ence between a broken foot, sprain, and covid toe based on extent of trauma, how fast pain subsides, and X-ray?

Orthopedics 'Developing Osteoarthritis'

Types of Hand Pain

Aches and pains come with aging. Most doctors expect you to manage a reasonable thresh­old of pain. But there is treat­ment for arthritis.

Chiropractor 'Can a Chiropractor Fix Your Feet?'

Can a Chiropractor Fix Your Feet?

Breaking a foot taught me a few things about foot injury care. But I never considered a chiropractor until now.

Fitness 'Are You Masking Serious Illness?'

Don’t Mask Serious Illness

In the absence of a well-defined body of evidence, early symptoms of percolating problems may be mis­diag­nosed or ignored.

Orthopedics 'Successfully Treating Sciatic Pain'

Successfully Treating Sciatic Pain

How to endure and treat sciatica with persistence and multi­disciplinary coopera­tion.


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Prescriptions 'Tolerate Opioid Not Just Pain'

Can You Tolerate Opioids?

Much of the debate involves blamestorming — fining manufacturers and punishing physicians. Are patients benefiting or suffering?

Prescriptions 'Consequences of Living With Pain Relievers'

Living With Pain Relievers is Not Entirely Pain-Free

Are you depen­dent upon pain relievers to per­form daily tasks? Untreated chronic pain can have dan­ger­ous physi­cal and emo­tional conse­quences.

Orthopedics 'How to Get Taller Within Months'

Increase Your Height

Whether you are tall or verti­cal­ly challenged, you adapt to daily challenges. Some go further and surgically increase height.

Endocrinology 'Couple with sacral dysfunction'

Sacral Dysfunction Affects More Than Your Back

Most men boast about their virility to the point of exag­gera­tion. This makes the con­versa­tion about impo­tence difficult.

Orthopedics 'Alternatives to Knee Replacement'

Alternatives to Knee Replacement

It is tempting to beg a doctor to remove aching by any means possible. Any discomfort felt before surgery is multiplied during rehabilitation

Orthopedics 'Elderly man with backache'

Schmorl Node Vertical Disc Herniation Pain

Historically considered clinically insig­ni­fi­cant, Schmorl’s nodes can be an active symptom or cause of pain in some patients.

Orthopedics 'Mature couple with backache'

Could You Have A Spinal Bone Infection?

Pyogenic spondy­litis is a rare life-threatening condition primarily affecting adults in their fifties to be distin­guish­ed from vertebral cancers.


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