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'Profile of kneeling female buttocks'

Exploring Intimate Bleaching

Glow confidently: Intimate area bleaching insights you need! Unveil the facts, concerns, and smarter choices for vibrant skin.

Fitness 'Man squeezes his flabby stomach'

Prevent Middle-Age Spread

Abdominal weight gain is problematic for many men. Learn how to prevent it and the potential dangers in this discussion between Edward and his doctor.

Gastroenterology 'Female friend assists with stomach pain'

Living Easier with IBS

Are you suffering from IBS? Here are tips and tricks on how you can reduce its symptoms and make living with IBS easier.

Woman 'Female profile wearing shapewear'

Is Shapewear Body-Contouring Safe?

Want a sleek silhouette? Shapewear can help — but be careful! Wearing it for too long can cause health problems. Learn how to use it safely here.

Gastroenterology 'Depressed female at bar with alcohol glass'

Higher Female Alcohol Mortality

Alcohol-related deaths for women surge compared with men. What is the correlation between body types and methods of consumption?


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Gastroenterology 'Woman lying on couch with early signs and symptoms of celiac disease'

Signs and Symptoms of Celiac Disease

If you have health issues you are unsure of, here are the early signs and symptoms of celiac disease you may be dealing with.

Gastroenterology 'Black baker tosses bread'

Coping With Celiac Disease

Two of the most difficult aspects of celiac disease are recognizing you have it and adjusting your lifestyle after acknowledging it.

Nutrition 'Fresh grapefruit juice'

Doctors Discourage Detox Cleanses

What better feeling can there be than being clean inside and out to eliminate toxins? Yet, many doctors are hesitant to recommend most cleanses.

Gastroenterology 'Bowel obstruction grimacing woman'

Dangerous Bowel Obstruction

Adhesions, impac­tions, tumors and more can cause bowel obstruc­tions. What are the symp­toms and why are they medical emergencies?

Gastroenterology 'Restroom gender signs'

Better Bowel Moves

Constipation or fecal consis­tency can extend the time on the toilet. Here are tips to keep your visits short, sweet, and neat?

Oncology 'Mixologists pouring drinks at bar'

Avoid Liver Cancer Lifestyle

Your liver is an essential resilient organ. But with years of abuse, it can show signs of wear or even fail. Learn options for treating liver disease.

Gastroenterology 'Girl with painful stomach'

Gut Reactions To Crohn’s

Inflammation of the bowels named after Burrill B. Crohn affects diges­tion, joints, and skin. How can you improve reac­tions to this gastro­intes­tinal ailment?


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