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'Female patient otolaryngology visit'

How to Tackle Pesky Dry Mouth

Fed up with a desert-like mouth? Dive into our quirky guide and discover the secrets to banishing oral dryness for good. Ahem. Ready to explore?

Pulmonology 'Patient holding thermometer during medical videoconference'

Distinguish Flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia

If you never catch the flu in your lifetime, it’s a miracle. But if you contract influenza, or something similar, have an immediate action plan.

Otolaryngology 'Smelly nose'

Putrid Nasal Polyps

Someone or something smells whenever you enter the room. Before you begin pointing fingers, consider this.

Oncology 'Masked man colored lighting'

When Coughs Become Cancerous

Early oral cancer symp­toms are often unnoticed. Late-stage throat cancer symp­toms like hoarse­ness or persis­tent cough­ing require immedi­ate evaluation.

Cardiology 'Sleeping man with CPAP'

Stop Snoring Now

You feel sluggish in the morn­ing while every­one in the house sleeps with pil­lows over their heads. Here is how every­one can get a good night's sleep.


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Otolaryngology 'Snoring couple in bed'

Snoring: More Than a Sleep Irritant

Snoring can be more than an irritant to your sleeping partner. It might also signal a dangerous condition called sleep apnea.

Otolaryngology 'Vertigo Spinning Woman'

Vertigo Spinning Out of Control

Otolaryngologists may zero in on one of many causes for vertigo. How can you narrow it down and stop the spinning?

Neurology 'Synesthesia concept dance frequency'

With Synesthesia, You Hear Color

Loud colors don’t have to be fluorescent. You can wear a falsetto shirt with baritone pants. How do you classify synesthetic perceptions?

Otolaryngology 'Elderly man with diplacusis'

Hear Twice as Much with Diplacusis

People with a rare dis­order called dipla­cusis hear dif­fer­ent tones in each ear. It’s like a very bad sur­round sound system with no off button.

Neurology 'Welcome To A Migraine Symphony'

Welcome To A Migraine Symphony

This vivid narrative describes vertiginous migraine symptoms with orchestral language. Then it uncovers a mysterious trigger.

Otolaryngology 'Is Tinnitus Driving You Crazy?'

Is Tinnitus Driving You Crazy?

Tinnitus is one of the most frustrat­ing ail­ments affecting 20 percent of the popula­tion. What can be done about the inces­sant sound?

Dentistry 'Why Scrape Off Your Tongue'

Why Scrape Off Your Tongue

Done correctly, tongue scraping does more than freshen your breath. It enhances the flavor of foods.


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