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22 articles tagged Nephrology
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Quick Human Kidney Facts

Don’t neglect your kidneys! Discover fascinating facts about this vital organ and the clues signaling the need for medical intervention.

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Understanding Rhabdomyolysis

Empower yourself with knowledge about rhabdomyolysis and its impact on your health to prevent and manage this serious condition.

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Calcium-Oxalate Binding

Dietary factors play a crucial role in kidney stone formation. Discover how calcium-oxalate binding can help prevent the most common type of stones.

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Organ Transplants Are Up

Although organ transplants are up, the agency in charge of organ transplant is under fire.

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Eating Well with Kidney Disease

Millions of people with chronic kidney disease must alter their diets. This can be daunting and requires assistance from medical professionals.


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Low-Oxalate Meal Plan

Adjusting to a low-oxalate diet can be challenging without a meal plan. This sample weekly calendar assists with shopping lists and food preparation.

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Eating Low-Oxalate Foods

Organically occurring within many foods you eat, too many oxalates can lead to health problems. Discuss these oxalate-reduction strategies with a medical professional.

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Kidney Stone Diagnosis Complications

Simple tasks like lifting boxes, rising out of bed, or putting on socks became a test of endurance. Why has this baffled doctors for years?

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Kidney Stone vs Kidney Bullet

Patients might liken kidney stone pain to having a bullet lodged within them. Yet, treatment varies for the two scenarios.

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Should Patient Race Hinder Transplants?

Race is often used as medical shorthand for how bodies work. Some Doctors want to change that.

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Urinalysis Nightmare

A man discovers an unsettling sight during a bathroom visit that leads to a sequence of rapid medical events with laggard resolution.

Nephrology 'Your Kidney is A Pain in the Back'

Your Kidney is a Pain in the Back

Problem kidneys can be manifested by changes in urination, backaches, fatigue, and in other ways.


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