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'Female patient otolaryngology visit'

How to Tackle Pesky Dry Mouth

Fed up with a desert-like mouth? Dive into our quirky guide and discover the secrets to banishing oral dryness for good. Ahem. Ready to explore?

Dentistry 'Caucasian family brushing teeth'

Importance of Dental Visits

Do you need to visit the dentist if you brush and floss regularly? Read about the importance of dental visits.

Pulmonology 'Female brushing teeth'

Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia Solution

Hospital-acquired pneumonia is killing patients. Yet there is a simple way to stop it.

Oncology 'Masked man colored lighting'

When Coughs Become Cancerous

Early oral cancer symp­toms are often unnoticed. Late-stage throat cancer symp­toms like hoarse­ness or persis­tent cough­ing require immedi­ate evaluation.

Dentistry 'Hyperdontia'

Reduce Teeth Overcrowding

Most people get two sets of natural teeth in a lifetime. Because of different jaw sizes, a normal amount of teeth can overcrowd some mouths.


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Dentistry 'Female with gummy smile'

Gummy Smile Treatment

When you smile, are more gums than teeth showing? Too much gum exposure is subject to infection. Consider the range of treatment options available.

Fitness 'Mature couple smiling'

Restoring Mature Smiles

There are many reasons for smiles diminish­ing as we mature. Try these methods of maintain­ing or improv­ing the appear­ance of your smile.

Dentistry 'Why Scrape Off Your Tongue'

Why Scrape Off Your Tongue

Done correctly, tongue scraping does more than freshen your breath. It enhances the flavor of foods.

Internist 'Dangers of Wearing Scrubs in Public'

Can Anyone Wear Scrubs?

Preconceived notions cause some medical profes­sion­als to take umbrage at the sight of their beloved scrubs walking about in public.

Dentistry 'Porcelain Veneers or Bonding?'

Porcelain Veneers or Bonding?

Walk into a dentist office while hiding an embarrassing smile and walk out ready to audition for a toothpaste commercial. Which cosmetic dental technique is more natural and durable?

Individual 'Pardon My Geographic Tongue'

Pardon My Geographic Tongue

Few people exhibit geo­graphic tongue. Can anything be done about the loss of papillae manifest­ing this irregular appear­ance on your tongue surface? Is it a serious health problem?

Rheumatology 'Here Are Clues A Patient Has Sjögren’s'

Clues A Patient Has Sjögren’s

When eyes are so dry they hurt and vision is blurred, it’s wise to seek an eye care professional. Patient response to anti­biotics may help diagnose this auto­immune disorder.


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