'Female lower body'

Managing Your Perfectly Pear Shape

With people rocking all sorts of shapes and sizes, we have some playful tips and natural remedies to keep your lower half within bounds.

Orthopedics 'Female stretching back'

Reclaim Mobility From Lower Back Arthritis

Discover the transformative journey of resilience in the face of lower back arthritis with guidance that leads to renewed mobility and vitality.

Physiotherapy 'Female back massage'

Great Legal Massages

Enhance your physical and mental well-being with the right massage therapy to support your body’s healing, performance, and overall health.

Fitness 'Man squeezes his flabby stomach'

Prevent Middle-Age Spread

Abdominal weight gain is problematic for many men. Learn how to prevent it and the potential dangers in this discussion between Edward and his doctor.

Fitness 'Four smiling women hiking in hills'

5 Low-Intensity Workouts

Does joining a gym or clearing out an area in your home seem daunting? Try these suggestions to ease into a comfortable exercise routine.


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Technology 'High-tech wristwatch'

Probable Weight Loss With App

Can you lose weight with tech wearables? Weight loss gadgets provide data to help consumers achieve diet goals, but it still won’t be easy.

Fitness 'Muscular fitness couple'

How To Keep Weight Off

Learn how to close the gap between starting and maintaining a healthy fitness routine.

Fitness 'Strong male swimmer in pool'

No-Sweat Swimming Benefits

The water may not be entirely fine, but come on in and make a splash to enjoy the many benefits of swimming in large pools.

Physiotherapy 'Bed stretching woman'

Simple Snake Stretch

Imagine yourself tracing an “S” or moving like a snake as you perform this simple stretching exercise in bed before rising.

Nutrition 'Obese overweight stomach squeeze'

Easy Pandemic Weight Loss

Joining a gym, sipping green smoothies, and lifting truck tires is one route to losing weight. An easier way costs virtually nothing with rapid results.

Woman 'Woman measuring her waist'

Shed Weight After Pregnancy

Enjoy practical ways to move those maternity clothes to the back of the closet so you can reach a healthy postpartum weight.

Fitness 'Female music listener'

Dance Away Weight

Whatever the reason for a proliferation of musical fitness choices, the questions you have are: what are the benefits and how do you get started?


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