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'Contemplative mature female'

Surprising Facts About Menopause

Delve into emotional shifts, hormonal changes, and intimate well-being across perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause.

Cardiology 'Man holding chest'

Proactive Cardiology Poster Hanging

If you are a doctor who embraces challenges, then it’s time to channel that adventurousness into improving heart health.

Internist 'Doctor consulting with patient'

Advantages of Medical Exam Room Posters

What are the key benefits of medical examination room office anatomy posters for doctors and patients?

Individual 'Girl wearing mask'

Mask Shortage

Outdated: Demand is fueling a roller­coaster of soaring prices and mask shortages. When sup­plies are gone, will it be pos­sible to replenish inventory?

Immunology 'PPE face mask'

Behind The Mask

Outdated: Which masks are best for virus protection? While supplies last, ClinicalPosters is selling PPE for use outside of the medical profession.


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Emotions 'Breathe Easier Without Psychosomatic Illness'

Breathe Easier

At least until a coronavirus vaccine is widely available, we will be wearing masks when leaving the house. Are you prepared?

Dermatology 'What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?'

What is Hypoallergenic?

Experiencing rashes or itching from wearing certain metals can make jewelry shopping a challenge. Hypoallergenic is commonly misunderstood.

Woman 'Supine nude female in shadows'

Dignified Areola Comparison

With considerable variance in both normal and abnormal areola, a dignified human anatomy poster is available. It was developed as a health-professional patient guide for ob-gyn medical offices.

Dermatology 'Avoid These Mistakes If You Get Burned'

Avoid These Mistakes If You Get Burned

The thought of being burned is so repulsive that few prepare for the inevitability. Learn what to do and not do in a medical emergency.


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