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'Multiracial friends laughing together'

Impact of Social Connections

Have you ever wondered about the impact of social connections on physical and mental health? Continue reading to learn more!

Gerontology 'Elderly woman receiving hospital visit'

Geriatric Surgery Risks

Weighing risks of a major surgery: 7 questions older Americans should ask their surgeon.

Gerontology 'Senior man bows head'

Seniors Lose Covid Confidence

With ever-present reminders of mortality, seniors struggle to remain hopeful during the pandemic.

Prescriptions 'Senior man with Alzheimer's'

Aduhelm Alzheimer’s Drug Controversy

Medicare and healthcare providers battle expensive drug with question­able results. Inside the tug of war over a controver­sial Alzheimer’s prescription.

Individual 'Life is a Train Ride'

A Life of Death

To some people, contem­pla­tion of our life journey is viewed as an existential crisis. To others it allows for applica­tion of practical wisdom.


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Gerontology 'The Age of Retirement'

The Age of Retirement

Health care for post-pandemic and self-employed workers reaching delayed retirement age requires new protocols.

Nutrition 'How To Age Gracefully'

How To Age Gracefully

Women may worry about menopause and sagging breasts. Men battle enlarg­ing prostate, hair loss, and more.

Emotions 'Mature couple smiling'

Restoring Mature Smiles

There are many reasons for smiles diminish­ing as we mature. Try these methods of maintain­ing or improv­ing the appear­ance of your smile.

Emotions 'Cary Grant with Audrey Hepburn'

May-December Relationships

A May-December romance involves two parties having a considerable age difference between them. Who does it? What are pros and cons?

Clinical science 'CRISPR Regenerative Medicine'

New Life For Regenerative Medicine

By modifying DNA, CRISPR is giving regenera­tive medi­cine a new shot in the arm. Human genetically modified organisms may combat diseases.

Emotions 'Treatments for Panic Disorders'

Don’t Panic Attack

Sudden fear of unexplained impending danger can hinder normal activities. Panic attacks are sympto­matic of a serious medical condition.

Pulmonology 'Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Prevalence'

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Prevalence

About 12 people million are un­aware that COPD is perma­nently damag­ing their lung air­ways and air sacs.


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