'Post-mastectomy female holding flowers'

Understanding and Navigating Breast Cancer

Navigating a breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Learn about genetic testing and targeted therapies in your journey to empowerment and healing.

Oncology 'Smiling female cancer patient'

New Normal After Cancer Treatment

This orientation provides comfort to patients undergoing cancer treatment, which affects their physical, neurological, and emotional health.

Oncology 'Katie Coleman'

Interview With Stage 4 Kidney Cancer

She’s 31, has stage 4 kidney cancer — and talked openly about it during a job interview. Here’s what happened.

Oncology 'Cervical examination'

Hysterectomy For Uterine Cancer

When a cervical endoscopy of the uterus reveals a polyp, the patient braces herself for an explanation of three types of hysterectomy.

Oncology 'Child cancer patient'

Bloodless Leukemia Treatment Options

Leukemia treatment typically involves stem cell and blood transfusion. These transfu­sion-free options offer hope for this cancer of the blood.


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Oncology 'Mixologists pouring drinks at bar'

Avoid Liver Cancer Lifestyle

Your liver is an essential resilient organ. But with years of abuse, it can show signs of wear or even fail. Learn options for treating liver disease.

Oncology 'Masked man colored lighting'

When Coughs Become Cancerous

Early oral cancer symp­toms are often unnoticed. Late-stage throat cancer symp­toms like hoarse­ness or persis­tent cough­ing require immedi­ate evaluation.

Oncology 'New York WTC Oculus Subway Architecture'

Uterine Cancer Patients Closer to 9/11 Benefits

Advisory committee approved recom­menda­tion to add uterine cancer to the list of diseases covered for people in the vicinity of 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Woman 'Mother breastfeeding newborn baby'

Why Breast Milk is The Best Formula

Packaged formula for newborn babies saves time for mothers with secular careers. Here are ways and reasons to provide breast milk even with a busy schedule.

Cosmetology 'Styles For Little-To-No Hair'

Styles For Little-To-No Hair

You can’t turn back time to when hair dangled past your shoulders. But you can turn envious heads when entering a room with a shaved head or short haircut.

Dermatology 'Woman with beauty mole'

What A New Mole Means

The AAD recommends annual full-body examina­tions for new moles or unexplained blemish­es. When do moles warrant further investigation?

Pulmonology 'Your Lungs Cannot Tell The Difference'

Lungs Cannot Tell Difference

You might respond negatively if someone asks if are you a smoker. But if you are frequently around smoking, do your lungs know the difference?


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