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Elegant Short Hair Styles


There are many reasons for cropping your locks. Perhaps the simplest of them all is that short hair saves time at the hair­dresser. No judgement there. Chemo­therapy as a result of oncology prescrip­tion or other medical conditions, like alopecia, may coax out the hair clippers.

Cancer skull cap
Basic skull cap for cancer patient.

If you want onlookers to have pity for you, sink your head down in your shoulders and wear a bland skull cap. Hair is one of several factors that contribute to a beautiful appearance. Makeup, jewelry, and poise enhance your presence. Use any of these five sugges­tions for a cosmetology makeover that lights up a room:

1. Frosty Highlights For Short Hair

Frosty hair highlightsSpeaking of lighting, here’s a bold look that features high­lights on the short hair ends. This neutral silver color does not compete with vibrant accessories. Apply glistening lip gloss and smoky-eye makeup.

Frame your face with colorful earrings and necklace or scarf. Pick up those colors in your bracelet and skirt. You can purchase these earrings while supplies last here.

2. Covatis

Female covatis

The covatis is a short, almost bald haircut popular on African American men and boys in the 1960s. This upside-down 5-o’clock shaddow is a precursor to the current fade. Using the lowest clipper setting, a barber leaves a dark shade of hair with a clean trim.

What stands out most on this woman? Her gorgeous eyes and vibrant lipstick require little jewelry to draw you in to her lively personality. And by the way, she lacks a full head of hair. This is secondary to her beauty.

3. Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircut

Short female hairstyles began gaining popularity during the Art Deco period. It took Audrey Hepburn’s 1953 film Roman Holiday to popularize the pixie. This style is still going strong two decades into the 21st century. Pixie variations include bangs, curls, and flips. In fact, the only commonality is the short length.

Forget about trying to roll or straighten 2-inch long hair. With natural curls, have a hairstylist give you a cut that compliments them. The same is true if your hair is naturally straight. Your ears will show, so you have many options for studs or dangling earrings. Get the ones shown here, while supplies last.

4. Bold Head Scarf


This article began by mention­ing the skull cap. There are many other fashionable options for head coverings. Around your head, you may tie a large knot (shown) or bow in a scarf having a colorful print. Search online videos for a variety of ways to tie scarfs on your head. With bold printed scarves and exposed ears, large geometric earrings are best.

5. Modest Head Scarf

40 turban

Learn to wrap a very long solid color-coordinated scarf as a Turkish Türban (shown) or a hijab, popular among Muslim women. There are dozens of ways to tie scarfs. According to some customs, only the eyes are visible when wearing a niqab. If you are adopting it as a decorative head covering, you can expose your entire face in most countries. When your ears are covered, neatly plucked eyebrows and minimalist makeup is sufficient.

With short hair, you must wear poise and confidence. Avoid slouching. Walk with your head held high. Smile as much as possible, drawing attention away from your scalp to your mouth and lips. You may not be able to return to the time when hair dangled past your shoulders. But you can turn envious heads when entering a room with a shaved head or short haircut.

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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

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