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'Teens laughing'

Birth of Inclusivity

This article may seem to be about obesity. It might sound cruel. But the point is that health problems and moral issues are acquies­cing to inclusivity.

Humor 'Pandemic Levity – Vaccines'

Pandemic Levity – Vaccines

This article addresses the reaction to the rollout of coronavirus vaccines.

Humor 'Pandemic Levity – Sedentary'

Pandemic Levity – Sedentary

This article addresses the state of the coronavirus pandemic on our in-home health from a sitting position.

Humor 'Pandemic Levity – Education'

Pandemic Levity – Education

This post takes a detour in presentation method to share the state of our educational system with a bit of levity. Parents and children reverse roles.


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Humor 'Woman Grocery Shopping'

Pandemic Levity – Shopping

Reader discretion: This is an obtuse call to take corona­virus precau­tions seriously. Some facts may be exag­gerated for the sake of amusement.

Fitness 'Obese woman'

10 Signs You May Need A Workout

Many blame the battle with the bulge on sugar and fat intake. These are contributing factors. But you may also battle biologic adversaries.


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