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12 articles tagged Podiatry
'Toenail Fungus Onychomycosis'

Prevent Hideous Aging Toenails

Kissable infant toes can become unsightly appendages as they age, with thicker, more brittle, and less elastic toenails. Learn how to maintain appearance.

Podiatry 'Care For Aching Feet'

Care For Aching Feet

Since your feet are so strong, there is concern when pain of unknown origin causes you to hobble.

Podiatry 'Why Feet Get Larger With Age'

Two Feet Wider

While looking through your closet, you may find old and forgotten shoes that are two sizes smaller than the new ones you wear.

Podiatry 'Broken Foot vs Sprain'

Did You Break Your Toe?

Can you distinguish the dif­fer­ence between a broken foot, sprain, and covid toe based on extent of trauma, how fast pain subsides, and X-ray?

Chiropractor 'Can a Chiropractor Fix Your Feet?'

Can a Chiropractor Fix Your Feet?

Breaking a foot taught me a few things about foot injury care. But I never considered a chiropractor until now.


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Nutrition 'Why Diets Don’t Work'

Why Diets Don’t Work

One problem with fad diets is the imbalance of nutrition. I’m losing more than a pound per week without dieting. Find out how.

Cardiology 'How Can PAD Be Confused With Diabetes?'

How PAD is Confused With Diabetes

Peripheral artery disease falls under the cardio­logy specialty. Diabetes is treated by endocrino­logists and nephro­logists. How can diabetes be confused with PAD?

Fitness 'Walk Away From Fatigue'

Walk Away From Fatigue

If you are awakening just long enough to get back under the covers, rule out serious health problems. These simple steps can gradually distance you from time-robbing fatigue.

Neurology 'Pain sufferer'

Step Into Shoes of Chronic Pain Sufferers

Chronic pain sufferers need more endurance. Whether you are a friend, loved one or personal physician, here is an introduction to the world of these heroes that deserve our support.

Disability 'Man seated with athletic limb prosthesis'

Where Do We Stand On Prosthetics?

In the race for more natural solutions, prostheses need not resemble the ill-fitted mannequin-like appendages of the 1940s. Here is a summary of top prosthetics and where to get them.

Podiatry 'What Works From The Bottom And Never Gets On Top?'

What Works From The Bottom And Never Gets On Top?

You might feel you are working at a dead-end job but this impressive pair is content with its position and function in life.

Fitness 'How to Track Your Steps With Your iPhone'

How to Track Your Steps With Your iPhone

While research suggests a beneficial increase to 15,000 steps per day, a longstanding goal of 10,000 is common. How can you begin keeping track?


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