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11 articles tagged Chiropractor
'Can a Chiropractor Fix Your Feet?'

Can a Chiropractor Fix Your Feet?

Breaking a foot taught me a few things about foot injury care. But I never considered a chiropractor until now.

Orthopedics 'Successfully Treating Sciatic Pain'

Successfully Treating Sciatic Pain

How to endure and treat sciatica with persistence and multi­disciplinary coopera­tion.

Nutrition 'Obese man tying shoes'

How Much Does Pain Weigh?

There is a correlation between chronic pain and obesity. Will losing weight ease the pain?

Individual 'Office chair back pain'

Your Life May Depend Upon Your Chair

Learn health benefits of ergo­nomic seating, which chair has best warranty, and how to refurbish a broken one.

Prescriptions 'Pain Remedies Should Emulate Opioids'

Should Pain Remedies Mimic Opioids?

Opioids quickly address both emotional and physical response to pain. Whatever alternative treatment is offered should do the same.


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Technology 'Key Benefits of Dynamic MRI'

Benefits of Dynamic MRI

Most static radiology does not capture variable pressure points. Subsequent viewers of front-facing spinal images may lack the context of the amount of pressure that exerts pain.

Individual 'Dangers of Sedentary Jobs'

Why Your Butt’s in Danger

Industry has advanced on the buttocks of graphic artists, program­mers, truck drivers and office workers who sacrifice their rears with irreparable harm.

Orthopedics 'Why Your Coccydynia is a Pain in the Butt'

Coccydynia is a Pain in the Butt

Considering it immovable anatomy, most doctors receive little training for tailbone injuries. These treatments should be performed by specialists.

Physiotherapy 'Woman laying on stomach for prolotherapy'

Is Prolotherapy a Panacea for Pain?

Should a decades-old health procedure with 90% success rate be a top recom­mendation for chronic pain? See why some claim it is a medicinal cure-all and learn about its limitations.

Neurology 'Pain sufferer'

Step Into Shoes of Chronic Pain Sufferers

Chronic pain sufferers need more endurance. Whether you are a friend, loved one or personal physician, here is an introduction to the world of these heroes that deserve our support.

Orthopedics 'You May Not Have to Suffer Through Chronic Back Pain'

Don’t Suffer Through Back Pain

Low back pain health remedies used to totter between popping anti-inflammatory drugs through­out the day and surgical vertebral fusion with bolts and plates.


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