Don’t Suffer Through Back Pain


There are outpatient remedies for backaches.

From Conservative to Comprehensive Care


Snap, crackle, pop. Synovial fluid dries up. Discs compress. Bones get brittle. Arthritis sets in. Aches and pain are signs of aging. Though a fancy new cane may be on your shopping list, don’t resign yourself to living out your years in misery.

Low back pain remedies used to totter between popping anti-inflammatory drugs through­out the day and surgical vertebral fusion with bolts and plates. The two extremes are still in use but many solutions in between are available.

You May Not Have to Suffer Through Chronic Back Pain

If you have a bad back, work within your limita­tions. Don’t lift heavy objects, and rest when warranted. The opioid epi­demic has put pres­sure on physi­cians to emphasize conserva­tive care with NSAIDs ands ice packs for several months. The human body is miracu­lous. Most back problems resolve on their own when given time to heal.

But if pain persists for months, seek out a specialist. It is surpris­ing what can be done with injec­tions and laparo­scopy. Here is a short list of less/non-invasive remedies:

  • Vertebral realignment may be warranted
  • Back massage can loosen tense muscles
  • Pain-causing nerves can be numbed or neutered
  • Weakened vertebrae can be strengthened with acrylic
  • Vertebral spaces can be elevated
  • Weakened tendons an ligaments can be regenerated

Your Back Prevents You From Walking

People think that L4-L5 disc herniation is the most popular back problem. Though common, facet joint disorders (FJD) is a more frequent cause of limited mobility. With both conditions, there may low back pain accompanied by pain, numbness or tingling in lower extremities.

Herniation can cause radiculopathy extending to the foot. FJD does not generally extend beyond the thighs, with signifi­cant pain in the hip that exacerbated by walking or standing.

Doctor selection depends upon loca­tion and you health plan. Getting treat­ment for the correct diagnosis is important. Chiropractic manipula­tions exacerbate disc hernia­tion or vertebral compres­sion. Explain symptoms clearly and ask to be referred to a pain manage­ment specialist for evalua­tion.

Pain manage­ment is a multi-disciplinary approach that includes various diagnostic and therapeutic proce­dures. When you visit your doctor, have him use visual aids like the anatomy posters sold on this site to help you better understand diagnosis.

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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

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