Coccydynia is a Pain in the Butt


When it hurts to sit, particularly on hard surfaces, sufferers may rotate their hips to shift weight onto their hip and relieve pressure. This can result in vertebral misalignment.

Sore Tailbone

The medical condition coccydynia has several names: coccalgia, coccygalgia, coccygial, coccygodynia are a few. The most obvious symptom is pain in the coccyx (tailbone)—the very end of backache. This pain might radiate to lower extremities. The challenge for an osteopath is to distinguish whether radiculopathy (referred nerve pain) or muscle spasms are primary or secondary symptoms.

Coccydynia Diagnosis

It would seem that tailbone pain corresponds to a simple diagnosis. Thorough medical history and examination by an experienced coccyx surgeon is warranted. This physician discusses level of pain, injuries, and exercise routine. Causes of coccyx pain include trauma, fractures, dislocations, and primary or metastatic malignancies. It is important to distinguish between a bruised tailbone and a fracture. A bruised tailbone can take up to four weeks to heal, while healing time for a fracture can take eight to 12 weeks. Coccydynia can last much longer.

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