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'Female lying in bed with smartphone'

Effects of Technology Insomnia

You probably prefer to read these suggestions for peaceful slumber during the quiet, early-morning hours.

Technology 'Children access internet at school'

Child-Safe Internet

Is the internet safe for your child? Discover key strategies to protect them from online risks while fostering a positive digital experience.

Technology 'Senior patient consulting with doctor'

AI Handles Insurance Claims Poorly

Federal agencies rein in use of predictive software that limits care for Medicare Advantage patients.

Vision 'Man with eye fatigue'

Journey Through Diminishing Vision

Discover how Björn navigates declining vision caused by vitreous membrane detachment and early-stage cataracts, seeking coping strategies along the way.

Technology 'Role of AI in Health Diagnostics'

Role of AI in Health Diagnostics

Discover how artificial intelligence is dramatically reshaping the landscape of health diagnostics. Are you ready for it?


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Technology 'Doctor reviewing medical records with patient'

Future of Electronic Health Records

As countries continue deploying EHRs, both hospitals and patients benefit from digital access to personal health information.

Technology 'Black woman reading book with coffee'

Is Technology Your Master?

Are video games replacing reading? Does technology rule your life or do you and your family relegate it to a subservient role?

Technology 'High-tech wristwatch'

Probable Weight Loss With App

Can you lose weight with tech wearables? Weight loss gadgets provide data to help consumers achieve diet goals, but it still won’t be easy.

Humor 'Pandemic Levity – Sedentary'

Pandemic Levity – Sedentary

This article addresses the state of the coronavirus pandemic on our in-home health from a sitting position.

Physiotherapy 'Physiotherapy stretching'

Remote Physiotherapy Services

If you hurt yourself during the pandemic, what services can physio­therapists provide with social distancing?

Cosmetology 'Put On Your Best Zoom Face'

Put On Your Best Zoom Face

Men and women fre­quent­ly video con­fer­ence during the new normal. So both genders are shop­ping for cosmetics to improve camera appearance.

Education 'Virtually Ready For Remote Learning'

Virtually Ready For Remote Learning

Outdated: Your school clothes budget will likely decrease, with a focus on blouses, shirts and masks. Parents must also become tech-savvy.


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