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Mental health

Ketamine for Mental Health

Ketamine therapy for mental health is a ‘Wild West’ for both doctors and patients. Discover the pros and cons of this controversial treatment.

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Distinguish Sexuality from Objectification

Discover how objectification harms self-esteem and relationships in this thought-provoking article.

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Parents Inherit Kid’s Mental Health

The second diagnosis: Parents see their own health spiral as their kids’ mental illnesses worsen.

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Impact of Social Connections

Have you ever wondered about the impact of social connections on physical and mental health? Continue reading to learn more!

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Clinical Depression Meets Narcissism

People with damaging counteractive personalities often attract one another. Why is this the case and how can others help?


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Regulate Workplace Mental Health Stigma

Using regulations in the workplace to manage stress can help reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues.

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LSD Unfair Creative Advantage?

For more than half a century, mind-altering psychedelic drugs have played a significant role in artistic perception. What new trends affect your creative aspirations?

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Rural Areas Gain Mental Health Crisis Teams

Mental health crisis teams aren’t just for cities anymore. Rural areas expand to provide necessary assistance to law enforcement.

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Skidless Hometown

If you lost your job with an inadequate financial safety net and wound up on the street, what assistance would you desire?

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Obsessions or Common Sense?

Whether concealed or public, we all have habits, rituals, or idiosyncra­sies. Are you comfortable living with your obsessions?

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How Fetishes Develop

What turns you on? Is it some­thing normally unrelated to intimacy? How does a fetish develop and how can negative conse­quences be averted?

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Exam-Room Paraphiliac

How might a patient manifest fantasies toward medical professionals and how does the physician community view intimate patient relationships?


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