Obsessions or Common Sense?


Is it Just Me?


Whether concealed or public, we all have habits, rituals, or idiosyncrasies. Perhaps you’ve mentioned one to somebody who gasped at what you considered normal behavior. The following list is an unofficial litmus test for obsessions, to which you might add more suggestions within the comment field.

  1. I toss away food on posted expiration date.
  2. I cut the dry ends off of veggies even though their edible.
  3. I save and reuse soda straws as a means of recycling.
  4. I place spoons in dish rack concave side down so water drains.
  5. I place wet cups and glasses right site up so moisture evaporates.
  6. I place wet cups and glasses upside down so they drain.
  7. I wear a belt with trousers even if my pants fit.
  8. I wash a shirt after wearing it once, no matter length of time.
  9. I read junk mail in case there’s something useful.
  10. I believe dryer sheets are recyclable.
  11. I will drive 5 miles to save 25 cents on a store purchase.
  12. I collect store coupons that I rarely use.
  13. I chew gum after the flavor is gone.
  14. I like Tweets that I never read.
  15. I buy more trendy clothing than durable clothing.
  16. I become distracted until I can remember trivia.
  17. I wash my hands more often than the CDC recommendation.
  18. I check my phone just before sleeping and as soon as I awaken.
  19. I separately bag recyclables into categories.
  20. I only associate with beautiful people.

Even common sense habits can become obsessions. If you are obsessive, do you know it? Are your obsessions controlling your life? Do they interfere with personal relationships? Are you comfortable living with your obsessions? Have you made progress lessening them to some degree?

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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

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