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'Man with eye fatigue'

Journey Through Diminishing Vision

Discover how Björn navigates declining vision caused by vitreous membrane detachment and early-stage cataracts, seeking coping strategies along the way.

Vision 'Retinal eye scan'

See Optometrist vs Ophthalmologist

Floaters, glaucoma, retinal holes, and cataracts go beyond regular care of optometrists. They can, however, be the first to recommend specialists.

Disability 'Facing Total Darkness'

Confidently Facing Total Darkness

Loss of sight is not the end of the world. Visit the domain of the blind and dis­cover how those without vision adapt.

Vision 'What To Do About Annoying Eye Floaters'

Annoying Eye Floaters

Sometimes, what looks like a floater is actually an eyelash or eyebrow hair hanging within your field of view. What if something is within your eye?

Vision 'Distorted View of Oneself'

Distorted View of Oneself

Eyeglass lenses distort your field of vision to correct curvature anomalies and sometimes alter your perception of reality.


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Vision 'Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month'

Children’s Eye Health and Safety

Telltale signs of vision prob­lems are squint­ing, head­aches, lack of concen­tra­tion, or reading compre­hension.

Vision 'Improve Glaucoma Hindsight'

Improve Glaucoma Hindsight

Don’t wait for noticeable eye problems. Prevent glaucoma by having regular exams and eating healthy.

Vision 'Better Focus On Aging Eyesight'

Better Focus On Aging Eyesight

As adults reach the age of 40, deteriorating vision hinders the ability to focus at a comfortable reading distance. Learn how progressive lenses differ from bifocals.

Oncology 'Lymphatic system anatomy'

Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Lymphoma

Healthcare physi­cians and patients need to be diligent for early diagnosis, using multi­disciplinary medical treat­ment of blood cancers affecting the lymphatic system.

Neurology 'Pair of feet under covers'

Get Enough REM Sleep

Functioning with very little sleep is not a virtuous work habit. Deep sleep improves productivity. Could this be the reason you’re so groggy, cranky, and obnoxious?

Rheumatology 'Here Are Clues A Patient Has Sjögren’s'

Clues A Patient Has Sjögren’s

When eyes are so dry they hurt and vision is blurred, it’s wise to seek an eye care professional. Patient response to anti­biotics may help diagnose this auto­immune disorder.

Rheumatology 'Sjögren’s Syndrome: Pain Beyond Tears'

Sjögren’s Syndrome: Pain Beyond Tears

Sjögren’s syndrome is often confused with dry eye syndrome. If it was just diminished tears, Sjögren’s syndrome might benefit solely from eye drops. This medical condition affects multiple organs.


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