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Clinical science

Risks of Using a Genealogy Website

Reports of DNA solving decades-old cold cases suggest genealogy websites help find criminals. You may be wondering though, how safe is your privacy?

Neurology 'Male portrait brain fog concept'

Long COVID Affects Brain

Some people recover from COVID-19 fine while others experience ongoing cognitive issues. Researchers believe they have identified an answer to this dilemma

Neurology 'Female lying in bed with headache'

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detection

Learn the dangers of carbon monoxide build-up within your home or office and how to prevent its dangerous effects.

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Unusual Syphilis Symptoms Causing Concern

This popular STI is on the rise with symptoms that are baffling medical providers. How can you recognize it?

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Is Decaffeinated Coffee Safe?

If you love coffee or have an interest in reducing caffeine consumption, you might share similar concerns as the FDA.


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How Often Should You Douche?

About 30 percent of American adolescent females douche at least once a week. What is douching and is it necessary at all?

Cosmetology 'Profile of kneeling female buttocks'

Exploring Intimate Bleaching

Glow confidently: Intimate area bleaching insights you need! Unveil the facts, concerns, and smarter choices for vibrant skin.

Neurology 'Teen emo girls'

Are Young Adults Undeveloped?

According to neuroimaging studies, adolescent brains continue maturing through age 25. What are the implications on legal, social, and emotional young adult life?

Woman 'Intimate senior couple'

Coping with Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness can be a difficult topic to discuss, but it is important for women’s sexual health. Discover ways to improve intimacy and pleasure.

Woman 'Female in bed with phone'

Considering Contraceptive Pill

A young woman weighs the risks of romance with a possible pregnancy. Follow her introspective research on contraceptive options, including birth control pills.

Urology 'Urology patient sitting in exam room'

New Lift for Enlarged Prostate

Are you a mature man suffering from an enlarged prostate? Learn about the UroLift System, a game-changing treatment for BPH symptoms.

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Why Women Shave Underarms

The armpit is an area to embrace individuality. Understand best practices for underarm grooming and safe shaving approaches.


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