'Why Diets Don’t Work'

Why Diets Don’t Work

One problem with fad diets is the imbalance of nutrition. I’m losing more than a pound per week without dieting. Find out how.

Orthopedics 'Mature couple with backache'

Could You Have A Spinal Bone Infection?

Pyogenic spondy­litis is a rare life-threatening condition primarily affecting adults in their fifties to be distin­guish­ed from vertebral cancers.

Oncology 'Pancreas artwork'

Why Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms Are Easy To Miss

Pancreatic adenocarcinoma cancer has a one-year relative survival rate of 20 percent. Pancreatic neuro­endo­crine five-year survival rate is about 60 percent.

Cardiology 'How Can PAD Be Confused With Diabetes?'

How PAD is Confused With Diabetes

Peripheral artery disease falls under the cardio­logy specialty. Diabetes is treated by endocrino­logists and nephro­logists. How can diabetes be confused with PAD?

Individual 'Office chair back pain'

Your Life May Depend Upon Your Chair

Learn health benefits of ergo­nomic seating, which chair has best warranty, and how to refurbish a broken one.


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Immunology 'Do Hospitals Make You Sick?'

Hospitals Can Make You Sick

Despite disposal of needles and diligent sanitation of most hospital surfaces, many patients develop secondary infections and medical complications.

Prescriptions 'Are Antibiotics Making You Sick?'

Are Antibiotics Making You Sick?

What are reasons why taking an antibiotic might actually make us feel worse? Patients may experience fatigue and other adverse reactions from nutrient depletion.

Nutrition 'Prevent Heat Strokes'

Prevent Heat Strokes

Too much heat, either too quickly or over an extended period of time, may prevent our bodies from efficiently cooling through perspiration.

Food 'Health Effects of Caffeinated Beverages'

Do Caffeinated Beverages Quench Thirst?

Caffeine can affect the human body like nicotine and cocaine. What effect do caffeinated beverages have on dehydration?

Prescriptions 'Pain Remedies Should Emulate Opioids'

Should Pain Remedies Mimic Opioids?

Opioids quickly address both emotional and physical response to pain. Whatever alternative treatment is offered should do the same.

Dentistry 'Porcelain Veneers or Bonding?'

Porcelain Veneers or Bonding?

Walk into a dentist office while hiding an embarrassing smile and walk out ready to audition for a toothpaste commercial. Which cosmetic dental technique is more natural and durable?

Emotions 'Vitamin Deficiencies Affect Mood'

Vitamin Deficiencies Affect Your Mood

Abnormal stress, masking a personal tragedy, or skipping required nutrition can overshadow an ordinarily pleasant personality, causing social conflicts.


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