Are Caffeinated Beverages Efficient Thirst‑Quenchers?


There Are Better Ways To Stay Hydrated


Despite what you may see on Coca-Cola or Starbucks commercials, caffeinated beverages are inefficient thirst-quenchers. Your healthcare profes­sional likely advises drinking around 8 cups of water per day. Consuming popular caffeinated beverages increases your water deficit.

Some medicines and nutritional supplements for weight loss also include caffeine. You might be one who suffers from chronic migraines or vertigo. Does caffeine exacerbate or reduce symptoms?

Caffeine is a chemical with many biological reactions. People tend to focus only on the one they favor. For example, you may hear, “I can’t function until I have my morning coffee” or “I need a sports drink so I can focus.” This scientific over­view will help you put caffeine in proper context. Then you can determine whether there is a need to cut back or eliminate it from your diet.

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