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'Steaming cup of coffee (ai)'

Is Decaffeinated Coffee Safe?

If you love coffee or have an interest in reducing caffeine consumption, you might share similar concerns as the FDA.

Nutrition 'Cheese and nuts'

Calcium-Oxalate Binding

Dietary factors play a crucial role in kidney stone formation. Discover how calcium-oxalate binding can help prevent the most common type of stones.

Gastroenterology 'Black baker tosses bread'

Coping With Celiac Disease

Two of the most difficult aspects of celiac disease are recognizing you have it and adjusting your lifestyle after acknowledging it.

Woman 'Man watching food cook in oven'

Choose Your Cooking Appliance Wisely

The battle for cooking space is on. With overlapping features, you may have already crowded your countertops. If not, this will help you choose wisely.

Food 'Gusto Green Squash Blossom pizza'

Best Southern California Vegan Cuisine

Take a tour with me to some of the most highly regarded vegan restaurants in Southern California. Do they dazzle or disappoint?


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Nutrition 'Chile relleno'

Low-Oxalate Dinner Recipes

These hearty recipes focus on low oxalates without compromising flavor and meal variety.

Nutrition 'Edamame salad'

Low-Oxalate Lunch Recipes

Ditch the fast-food drive-thru window and prepare any of ten or more delicious low-oxalate lunches at home.

Nutrition 'Low-Oxalate Breakfast Recipes'

Low-Oxalate Breakfast Recipes

Wake up for these four low-oxalate veggie breakfast recipes, which include Flourless Banana Pancakes, Kale Goat Cheese Frittata, and more!

Nutrition 'Granola bars'

Low-Oxalate Snack Recipes

Take control of your oxalate level by preparing your healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day!

Nutrition 'Edamame cucumber salad'

Low-Oxalate Meal Plan

Adjusting to a low-oxalate diet can be challenging without a meal plan. This sample weekly calendar assists with shopping lists and food preparation.

Nutrition 'Broccoli, chicken and rice'

Eating Low-Oxalate Foods

Organically occurring within many foods you eat, too many oxalates can lead to health problems. Discuss these oxalate-reduction strategies with a medical professional.

Immunology 'Pandemic tourists couple'

Pandemic Travel Anxiety

Outdated: You want to get out, but still remain safe. Consider staycations or either of these professionally recommended vacation ideas.


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