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'Pajama Party Women'

Adult Slumber Party Ideas

After all the social distancing, it is time for a girls’-night-out pajama party. Here’s how to be the hostess with the mostest.

Food 'Beef burger with chili and fried onions'

Avoid Restaurant Burgers

The best burgers in the city are under your roof. Shop practical and make healthy versions in your kitchen to improve health and save money.

Nutrition 'Moscow mule cocktails'

Moscow Mule Health Hazard

Nurse warns that popular cocktail, called the Moscow mule, could be a health hazard due to the vessel and key ingredient.

Nutrition 'Food Allergies Interfere With Skincare'

Food Allergies Interfere With Skincare

Allergic skin sen­si­tivi­ties can disrupt the best skin­care routine. Here is how to assess the problem and improve appear­ance of your skin.

Food 'Herbs For Cooking, Not Smoking'

Herbs For Cooking, Not Smoking

The best way to get used to cooking with herbs is to grow and use them. These popular herbs will make your meals sing like a 1960s music duo.


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Food 'Plea For Vegetarianism'

Plea For Plant-Based Diet

The dependence upon meat is disproportionate to the benefit. You don’t crave meat as much as you do protein.

Food 'Green salad with crunchy toppings'

Healthy Eating Without Shopping

Your health goals will be un­success­ful if you are not the one grocery shop­ping or prepar­ing meals in your household.

Food 'Fresh bottled juices'

Satisfied Without Solid Food

You don’t want to do it. And I don’t recommend it. But how long could you live without solid food?

Food 'Train Yourself To Eat Less'

Train Yourself To Eat Less

Most people keep eating until they are full. But this is not a good indicator of when to put your fork down.

Food '12 Effective Aphrodisiac Foods'

12 Effective Aphrodisiac Foods

Natural or artificial aphro­disiacs are things people consume to heighten senses for intimacy. Enjoy items available from your local market.

Food '5 Tips For Hygienic Food Tasting'

Tips For Hygienic Food Tasting

Diners want you, as the chef, to taste food before serving. But there is a fine line between sanitary tasting and pre-eating meals.

Nutrition 'Lose Weight Without Dieting'

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Like a rubber band, every time you diet, the weight comes right back. It is time for a different approach.


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