Adult Slumber Party Ideas

Pajama Party Women
Publish 26 April 2022

After all the social distancing, it is time for a girls’-night-out pajama party. Here’s how to be the hostess with the mostest.

Less Sleep and More Slumber

Pajama parties are not limited to little girls. Young ladies enjoy lounging around in satin underwear too! Telling each other how hot they look or watching a major sporting event can draw friends together.

In addition to balloons, manicures, pedicures, clay face masks, fashion shows, and hairstyling, people enjoy gossip, games, and gastronomy.

Face Mask Makeup

Prevent Awkwardness

Alcohol can lower inhibitions. So consider serving virgin cocktails or punch. Stifle party questions like, “Have you ever kissed a girl?” Pajamas are better than boudoir lingerie. some hosts give away dainty, though modest, pajamas as gifts. Have friends bring sleeping bags and provide extra pillows.

Eat Yourself Out

Indulgent foods include mocktails, ice cream, cupcakes, candy, pizza, chips, popcorn, nachos, taquitos, and hot wings. When dining on a date, you usually guard portions to avoid appearing glutinous. At a slumber party, you can binge out on over 2000 calories in one evening without reproach.

Prawn Kanape Appetizers

Slumber Party Ideas

For a twist, consider having healthy snacks with advance notice. Or serve up some exotic appetizers no one could imagine. Got money to burn? Hire your favorite food truck to roll up and prepare whatever your guests desire. The minimum rental ranges from $800 to $1300.

Say What?

Gossip may center around breakup stories. Pals mend your damaged self worth and help you to see that you are are better off without those losers.

Three happy ladies

The stroke of midnight does not signal bedtime. There are movies to watch and more games to play. Munch on all the snacks while watching a chick-flick or rom-com. Root for the heroine with a mansplaining-free audience.

Let The Games Begin

Karaoke time! Rock your favorite love songs and one-hit wonders. Small groups can play board games. Larger parties prefer more immersive games like Truth or Dare, Charades, Try Not to Laugh, Eat It or Wear It, and Name That Tune. It is a great time to teach each other new dance steps. So pump up the music.

Costume photo booth females

Pandemic face masks are all but forgotten. Why not bring them out and bedazzle them? No sense letting all the makeup go to waste. How about setting up a photo booth for glamorous or funny photographs? Provide some toy eyeglasses, fake mustaches, hats, and wigs. Then get silly.

The Morning After

Since everyone is sleeping over, plan a great breakfast. Hopefully, there is a little more portion restraint. You might serve waffles, fruit, cold cereal, coffee, and fresh juices during a late morning brunch. Make plans to go bike riding or attend a dance class to burn some calories. Laugh at photos from the night before everyone gets a bon voyage of hugs and kisses.

Belgian Waffles

When everyone goes home, they will have fun memories to cherish. They may even get a better idea of who will plan their bachelorette party or be a future maid of honor. Explore new slumber party ideas as an adult.

UPDATED: AUG 23, 2023

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