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'Female giving birth'

Does Childbirth Require Episiotomy?

Cut my what? Some medical experts are questioning the need for episiotomies during childbirth. Learn the alternatives and when it’s necessary.

Podiatry 'Toenail Fungus Onychomycosis'

Prevent Hideous Aging Toenails

Kissable infant toes can become unsightly appendages as they age, with thicker, more brittle, and less elastic toenails. Learn how to maintain appearance.

Woman 'Female abdominoplasty belly'

Tummy Tuck for Stubborn Fat

Abdominoplasty is a life-changing procedure for women with significant weight loss or pregnancy, and have excess skin and fat within abdominal area.

Woman 'Female profile wearing shapewear'

Is Shapewear Body-Contouring Safe?

Want a sleek silhouette? Shapewear can help — but be careful! Wearing it for too long can cause health problems. Learn how to use it safely here.

Woman 'Female holding grapefruits in front of breasts'

Coping With Saggy Breasts

Healthy breasts are more important than perkiness. Yet societal messaging affects how women feel about their own bodies. Here are ways to improve firmness.


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Woman 'Female holding coconuts in front of breasts'

Speaking of Breasts

Will women with less than voluminous breasts receive a second chance at achieving the form they desire during pregnancy?

Relationships 'Multiracial friends laughing together'

Impact of Social Connections

Have you ever wondered about the impact of social connections on physical and mental health? Continue reading to learn more!

Clinical science 'Small chocolate cake'

Sweet Tragedy

Clinical research reveals a significant correlation between cardiac events and a popular zero-calorie sweetener called erythritol.

Internist 'Worried man at computer'

California Health Law Hurts Consumers

A law designed to protect health consumers has ended up hurting them.

Gastroenterology 'Depressed female at bar with alcohol glass'

Higher Female Alcohol Mortality

Alcohol-related deaths for women surge compared with men. What is the correlation between body types and methods of consumption?

Woman 'Glove handling fertility tube'

Egg-Freezing Fertility Benefits

This article addresses important questions about what egg freezing includes, who it’s for, whether there are potential risks, and what the benefits are.

Emotions 'Mother comforts adult daughter'

Clinical Depression Meets Narcissism

People with damaging counteractive personalities often attract one another. Why is this the case and how can others help?


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