Anatomy of an Estranged Family


This psycho­logically thrilling article empowers the disen­chanted to better grasp the emotion­al dysfunc­tion.

Root Cause of Familial Dysfunction


Is your living mother dead to you? Most children adore their mothers. To such ones, this question is despicable or off-putting. The majority may say, ‘Shame on you if you don’t love the person who brought you into this world.’

But there is a subset of the population that characterizes its family relationships as dysfunctional—71 percent of 343 polled. Much of the frustration lies in not knowing why occasions to bond are so difficult.

People often know when they have a dysfunctional family but they are less likely to understand why. Having relatives that manifest dead mother complex (DMC) can ruin family dinners, reunions, and elderly caregiving. How can you tell if DMC is sabotaging your interactions?

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