'Can Psychology Help Chronic Pain?'

Cope With Psychology of Chronic Pain

Coping with chronic pain that alters how you live your daily life can transcend the care medical doctors provide.

Prescriptions 'How Drugs Effect Body Weight'

Common Drugs Effect Body Weight

A consequence of smoking or drug abuse is drama­tically altered diet, which can lead to irregular eating with poor nutrition.

Nutrition 'Obese man tying shoes'

How Much Does Pain Weigh?

There is a correlation between chronic pain and obesity. Will losing weight ease the pain?

Woman 'Protect Children From Breast Ironing'

Dichotomy of Protecting Children With Torture

Breast ironing is a practice of suppressing pubes­cent breast growth in a mis­directed attempt to preserve chastity.

Oncology 'Can Technology Cure Cancer?'

Promising Cure For All Cancer

Israeli doctors are mak­ing as­ser­tions too bold to ignore. They pro­mise a brief, cheap and effec­tive remedy for cancer.


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Nephrology 'Do You Have An Enlarged Prostate?'

Recognizing Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Symptoms become notice­able over age 50. All of a sudden, it is painful to sit and difficult to urinate.

Woman 'Dense-Breast Cancer Screening'

Dense Breast Cancer Screening

Breast density decreases with age or BMI and increases with hor­mone re­place­ment therapy. Compare radio­logi­cal cancer screen­ing methods.

Nutrition 'Vitamin D Deficiency and Sources'

Do You Have Enough Vitamin D?

What seems like a simple question baffles many people with low vitamin D, and the doctors who treat them.

Endocrinology 'Couple with sacral dysfunction'

Sacral Dysfunction Affects More Than Your Back

Most men boast about their virility to the point of exag­gera­tion. This makes the con­versa­tion about impo­tence difficult.

Emotions 'Why Don’t You Think It’s Funny?'

Why Don’t You Think It’s Funny?

Humor is subjective, because everyone’s brain is wired a bit differently. Word associations are reinforced by a repetition of individual life experiences.

Fitness 'Los Angeles Vegetarian Road Trip'

Best Chefs Fail to Satisfy Vegetarians

Many restaurants in metropolitan areas are elevating the flavor profile of vegetarian cuisine while others offend palates.

Emotions 'Planning Burial At Sea'

Planning Burial At Sea

There are several ways to handle cremated remains. A mortuary may dispose of them, ashes can be kept within an urn at a home, a crypt, or scattered at sea.


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