Can You Grow Out of Asthma?


The prospect of breaking free from an ailment that hinders breathing excites asthma sufferers.

Can’t Catch A Breath


Your own lungs are suffocating you! During a bronchial asthma attack, oxygen-carrying tubes with your lungs, called bronchi, swell and possibly fill with thick mucus. With allergic asthma, muscles around your lungs constrict as an immune response, making it difficult for them to expand.

It does not matter whether the origin is stress, dust mites, pollen, running, playing on the lawn, running, catching a common cold, or hay fever. Airways must open. Mucus viscosity needs to thin and expel in order to resume breathing. Over 4,000 prevent­able asthma deaths occur each year in the United States. Can you grow out of asthma?

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