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Enjoy Double Features

We have some good news for you. Get your fill of entertain­ment on the ClinicalPosters website, with double features.

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Fewer Links Within Articles

To minimize broken external links, it is becoming common to list them in plain text at the bottom of a page as a snapshot in time.

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Go Beyond Reading

Beyond well-researched health articles, enjoy immersive fictional short stories called Novellas, appearing as free miniseries with multi-voice audio. Visit regularly to read or listen, for your edu...

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We’re Here For You

Whether you stop by to purchase posters, or to listen to some good reads, there are plenty of reasons to visit ClinicalPosters every week.

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Faux Post-Pandemic Welcome

This year, Clinical­Posters has many fas­cinat­ing stories with health benefits that will excite your eyes and mind. Visit at least every week.


Enjoy articles each week

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Novellas Transform Health Information

Become immersed within a clinical miniseries. Pick a novella and learn about health during and entertaining reading.

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Best Entertainment With Biggest Star

The most popular person you know gets featured in Novellas on the ClinicalPosters website. Read or listen to fictional miniseries.

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Listen to Site Updates

Despite trials and traumas of the prior year, your favorite website has grown with more exciting features. Here’s a recap.

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Promote Your Novel

Outdated: Between each new mini­series, there is usually a one-day gap. You have an opportunity to publish a linked excerpt from your book within these spaces.

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Protect Packages From Weather

Minimize disappointment from soggy boxes and product damage. Consider the value of choosing premium packing when adding posters to your cart.

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Find Similar Products

Outdated: Product pages include a gold Find Similar button. If an item appears to be sold out or if you want multiple versions of an item, try using Find Similar.

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Get Posters While Supplies Last

If you feel you may desire any of the 20x26 Wolters Kluwer posters, perhaps for framing, shop now for best selection.


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