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'Deupair Pocket Frames'

Trust DeuPair Medical Office Frames

Their durability, space-saving design, quick poster exchange, and professional appearance make them the best frames for medical professionals.

Products 'Wear Teleconference Jewelry'

Wear Teleconference Jewelry

ClinicalPins make great conversa­tion pieces and can convey more special interests beyond medical categories during telemedicine and teleconferences.

Website 'How to Use Shop Pay on ClinicalPosters'

Enhanced Shop Pay

With security enhance­ments, you may now opt to encrypt credit card pay­ment infor­mation for future use.

Products 'Easy Shopping For Online Graphics'

Easy Shopping For Online Graphics

Outdated: With decades of experi­ence in the adver­tising and print­ing industry, ClinicalPosters has simpli­fied your online shopp­ing experience.

Technology 'Zoom Videoconference to the Rescue'

Zoom Videoconference Securely

Shelter-in-place orders leave companies and conference organizers scrambling for virtual meeting solutions.


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Clinical science 'Handling Scientific Conferen'

If Scientific Conference is Canceled

ClinicalPosters designs and supplies both paper and digital scientific posters for medical conferences so you will not be left without a backup plan.

Fulfillment 'Simplify Department Purchases'

Simplify Department Purchases Now

With pre-established purchase orders, distri­bute gift cards instead of credit cards to speed payments and track orders.

Products 'Personalize Each Patient Exam Room Experience With DeuPair Frames'

How To Personalize Each Patient Exam Room Experience

DeuPair Frames are crafted primarily for medical offices and classrooms. With a 10-year guarantee, they don’t skew. Learn other advantages.

Fulfillment 'Albums and turntable'

Folded, Flat or Rolled Posters

Default recommendation for less than eight posters is to have them rolled in a crush-resistant tube. For best protection, a flat-box option allows posters to arrive unrolled and unfolded.

Marketing '9 Things to Consider Before Distributing Posters at Conferences'

Promote Your Brand With Anatomy Posters

For conventions and mail­ings, pharma­ceutical companies, device manufac­turers, and medical groups can imprint a logo on posters with custom layout options.

Products 'How to Buy Anatomy Posters Without Regrets'

How to Buy Anatomy Posters Without Regrets

Poster selection can be made by doctors, an office manager or nurse. If it’s you, learn how real-world usage and avail­able wall space have greater impact than cost savings.

Marketing 'Your Medical Specialty Has Value'

Your Medical Specialty Has Value

In an era of specialties, we are excited to offer a special way to reward the many individuals, doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators who have made ClinicalPosters their home.


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