How To Personalize Each Patient Exam Room Experience

Personalize Each Patient Exam Room Experience With DeuPair Frames

Personalize Patient Visits

DeuPair Frames™ are crafted primarily for medical offices and classrooms. With a 10-year guarantee, they don’t skew or fall when installed as instructed. Who wants to go through the entire office straightening pictures? DeuPair Frames are durable, exceptionally easy to hang, and can have their contents exchanged within seconds without removing them from walls. Simply slide the most appropriate patient poster to the front. It’s that easy.

Personalized patient experience
DeuPair Frames provide personalized patient exam-room experiences.

Easy Online Add-On

We have made it extremely simple to add the right size frame for the poster of your choice. Links to frames appear below the add-to-cart button on product pages.

Available Styles and Sizes

DeuPair Frames come with dimensions to match two primary poster sizes: 20x26 or 22x28 inches. Frames also come in two styles: Pocket Frames or Flip Frames. Posters slide into the top of pocket frames. DeuPair Flip Frames have four hinged sizes that snap open to insert contents through the front.

Five times as many posters are 20x26 and the black DeuPair Pocket Frame is most popular. Placing two frequently used posters within one frame nearly cuts the cost of decorating offices in half.

Get Custom Colors and Sizes

All posters look great framed in black. But offices with that with more refined decor may wish to match frames to the color or wood grain of exam room furniture. DeuPair Pocket Frames are also available in silver. You may order DeuPair Flip Frames in a wide variety of colors. We even offer smaller frames into which you may insert letter-size items produced with your office printer.

Exam room decor
Exam room décor benefiting from custom-color DeuPair Flip Frames

DeuPair Frames are often imitated but never duplicated. One of the important considerations is precision dimensions. Some poster manufacturers measure in millimeters; others use inches. Many poster titles have narrow margins. Since the frame bezel overlaps the contents, it is not as simple as buying a frame with the exact dimensions of the poster. DeuPair Frames are sized for maximum view of poster contents without covering text. They also protect against incidental poster damage and prevent curl.

Choose From Two Overlay Options

The default clear overlay for Pocket Frames is structurally the same material as water bottles (PETG) with a thickness of 0.2 inches. It is fine for most installations. One side is anti-glare and the other side is clear.

Pocket Frames come with a shatterproof 0.3-inch overlay made of polycarbonate. This is structurally the same material as eyeglasses. It is crystal clear and extremely durable.

These are the defaults. But you can select either overlay with whichever frame you desire. You may even order film overlay replacements.

While shopping our extensive poster collection, add a DeuPair Frame to your cart. It is a popular brand within medical offices today.

What’s the next step to personalized patient experiences? Include one to three laminated anatomy posters within each frame. This way, you have exactly what you need while occupying minimal wall space.

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