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'Black man pointing at you'

Homage to DataPixel Software

In 2013, the robust website shrank to less than a shadow of its former glory. Ten years later, the lights shut completely off.

Website 'Cart checkout'

Resolving Cart Checkout

Outdated: We have traced a problem with check­out, that a few customers experience, to some techno mumbo jumbo. The short answer is that there is a fix.

Website 'Entirely New Familiar '

Entirely New Familiar Website

We merged the most useful features into a new theme to make your site browsing more safe, intuitive, informative, and interactive.

Website 'More Product Options'

More Product Options

Now select finishing options from a single product page. See contextual search results. Read four blogs.

Website 'Advantages of Login Accounts'

Account Holders Win

Outdated: We do not want to wrestle with you. Join a close-knit family of registered users. Create an account or login today.


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Website 'Better Browsing Experience'

Better Blog Browsing Experience

An implementation that may not be a big deal to you, has proved both challenging and exciting to us. It offers better navigation with enhanced protection for minors.

Programming 'How to Build a Responsive Site Layout'

Our Site Responds Well to Your Device

If you notice shorter product descrip­tions or co­lumns missing from articles, your eyes aren’t play­ing tricks on you. It is part of a master plan.

Website 'Mature Content Filters Enabled'

Mature Content Filters Enabled

This site is no substitute for childhood sex education. Features focus on protecting youths and alerting visitors to presence of mature medical content.


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