Entirely New Familiar Website

Entirely New Familiar

We have taken the best ideas and applied them to a new site design with the latest technologies.

Did you notice that you are browsing a whole new website? The ClinicalPosters site moved to a new platform shy of three years ago. Since then, many new features have been introduced. Some crashed and burned. Others became fan favorites. Also during this time, technology for optimizing sites has made tremendous strides.

Incorporating new features has historically introduced glitches. The prior “new” site accumulated more patches than Microsoft Office. So building upon a clean slate with a theme called Prestige, our awesome features have been ported. It feels like home—with major renovation.

Entirely Familiar

A tidier but recognizable home
  • Similar color scheme and branding
  • Dynamic home page elements
  • Article and product links with login
  • Responsive mobile font sizing
  • Obfuscate mature content for minors
  • Site marketing opportunities

Entirely New

Practical and attractive improvements
  • 33% larger product images
  • Faster page loading
  • New home page features
  • New product collections
  • PPE products
  • Custom posters and flyers
  • Additional framing options
  • Save credit card data option
  • Augmented reality visualization
  • Mega-menu navigation
  • Dual-column search categories
  • Multi-tag collection filtering
  • Easy-to-read FAQ page
  • New product recommendations
  • Restoration of product reviews
  • Disqus article commenting
  • Disqus article upvoting
  • Simplified user login
  • Personalized breadcrumbs
  • New font styles

More User Interaction

With so much timely information to publish, our blogs are swelling with articles. The typical pace is two articles per week. This year there has been a 30 percent increase. This provides more opportunities to read something written just for you and comment using Disqus. Rekindle conversa­tions with the comment feature.

Entirely New Familiar Website

In case you do not know, Disqus is a popular and robust multi-site commenting platform used on blogs and news sites. Perhaps best of all, bloggers can move comments from one platform to another. At the sacrifice of all recent comments in the retired commenting portal, historical Disqus comments have been imported into updated articles.

Enabling product reviews does not populate them with comments. This is where our loyal customers come in. Use the enhanced search field to locate products you have purchased and add your review. Our newsletter will incorporate opportunities for product reviews as well.

Did your eyes overlook augmented reality? The underpinnings of support for robust experiences is in place. Eventually, we would like to offer fully rendered products. At the current stage, frames, models and a few other products include a link that builds dimensions into bounding box. With a compatible mobile device, this full-scale box can be viewed in your environment.

Elegant new fonts are Montserrat (fallback: Verdana, sans serif) for headlines and Arvo (fallback: Bookman, serif). Arvo has a slab serif. In theory, your web device should automatically download and use the designer fonts. The less stellar fallback alternatives should be on everyone’s computer. You may not be wowed by their appearance, but the fallback fonts get the job done.

Better Experience

The behind-the-scenes checklist for this new site deployment is longer than what is represented here. The best way to wrap your head around new features is to immerse yourself. After giving you opportunity to dabble, another article in a few weeks will explore more features in depth.

Though there are many advantages to login (including access to references and customized page suggestions), more health articles during 2020 are accessible without it. For security, new technology requires current browser versions. The goal is to make your site browsing more safe, intuitive, informative, and interactive. The responsive layout adjusts to desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Feel free to Disqus what you enjoy.

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