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Homage to DataPixel Software

In 2013, the robust website shrank to less than a shadow of its former glory. Ten years later, the lights shut completely off.

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Dynamic Blog Tag Filters

It is now possible to click and add multiple tags for optimum results in each of the blogs on this site.

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Healthy Novellas and Shorts

These entertaining short stories and longer miniseries push health and human relationships into the, often controversial, fictional realm.

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Products You Need, Now Available

ClinicalPosters has just received a new shipment of popular posters. Now is the time to stock up on what you need.

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New Wolters Kluwer Posters

Drop it like it’s a lot! New shipment of human anatomy posters has arrived for immediate ordering. Also order new titles in advance.


Enjoy articles each week

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What is Your Favorite Genre?

Whether you stick to one genre or like to mix it up, ClinicalNovellas typically rotate through various topics to appease a divers audience.

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Something to Get Excited About

Take health information to a new level. During the 2023 calendar year, the number of ClinicalNovellas stories will double with special access to expiring articles.

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Announcing Preorder Option

We have an idea what you want. Now you have a way to tell us what you need. Popular product pages now include a preorder button.

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Ready for more product?

If you’ve been waiting for posters with hygienic lamination, ideal for framing, place an order quickly. This will reserve inventory for you.

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Why Gender Matters

Why is there an option to select a pronoun when you register for an account on ClinicalPosters?

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Aluminum Price Increase

The volatile aluminum market affects the manufacturing of DeuPair Frames, resulting in the second price increase this year.

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New Site Sections

If you divide the ClinicalPosters website in halves, one side sells medical exam room products. On the other side are articles to read online for education and entertainment.


Fictional health stories written like movies and formatted like books


Informative, sometimes evocative, health and wellness articles


Useful articles about emerging technology and marketing