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'Privacy padlock'

Be Careful of Phishing Sites

Beware of phishing sites! Learn how to spot impersonators and protect your sensitive information. Stay safe online.

Website 'Female hand typing on keyboard'

Fewer Links Within Articles

To minimize broken external links, it is becoming common to list them in plain text at the bottom of a page as a snapshot in time.

Website 'Skeptical Asian girl'

Click Cautious

The ClinicalPosters website tries to keep popups to a minimum, but some are required as result of legislation.

Technology 'Maintain Car Battery Health'

Maintain Automobile Battery Health

More vehicles are strand­ed within garages while shelter­ing in place. In what climates are trickle chargers or a jump starters advisable?

Clinical science 'Planning Events With Social Distancing'

Planning Social Distancing Events

Social events during coron­avirus con­cerns are not dead. They are just a bit more complicated.


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Technology 'Zoom Virtual Meeting Primer'

Zoom Virtual Meeting Primer

Outdated: As someone who hosts several Zoom meetings each week and trains others to do so, I want to share a few tips to minimize frustration of participants.

Website 'A Star is Born'

A Star is Born

Stars and reviews are helpful in making purchasing decisions. Each product page now includes a tab for you to rate the products you receive.

Clinical science 'Clinical Becomes Scientific'

Clinical Becomes Scientific—Again

Scientific e-posters or printed posters are popular among medical, pharma­ceu­tical, nursing, and science industries.

Website 'Become More Socially Active'

Become More Active

Now that you’ve had oppor­tu­nity to enjoy new site features, how will you spread the word about the ClinicalPosters website?

Website '12 Amazing ClinicalPosters Site Features'

Discover More Site Gems

Outdated: Dozens of new features cannot be covered within one article. These are not-to-obvious favorites that you may treasure.

Technology 'Zoom Videoconference to the Rescue'

Zoom Videoconference Securely

Shelter-in-place orders leave companies and conference organizers scrambling for virtual meeting solutions.

Website 'Become The Smartest Health Shopper'

Become The Smartest Health Shopper

Outdated: With FAQ and tabbed details on product pages, you have all the answers.

Marketing 'Biohazard mask'

Trust Our Email

Security filters are used to safely deliver email messages. If our emails are not getting through, corporate customers ask IT departments to whitelist ClinicalPosters.

Marketing 'Get Your Encrypted Email'

Get Encrypted Email Protection

ClinicalPosters supports bIlateral encrypted email with other ProtonMail members. It is also possible to send encrypted mess­ages that expire in 28 days to any email address.


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