Become More Active

Become More Socially Active

You are probably reading this while using a mobile device or sitting down at a desk. Do you want to become more active? Sure physical fitness is important. But I am talking about being active in spreading the word about the ClinicalPosters website! You know, becoming an advocate. How can you do this?

1. Article Comments

One way is to comment on the articles you love. The popular Disqus commenting platform allows you to follow threads and others to follow you. So like tossing a ball at a beach party, your comment can inspire others to participate.

2. Social Media Shares

Sharing products or stories is super easy. Social sharing buttons appear on all pages that permit it. With a simple click, you can let your Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter community know what you enjoy.

Become More Socially Active

3. Product Reviews

Until now, this website did not have an unobtrusive way to maintain product reviews. When they got lengthy they overwhelmed the product page. Now they appear within a compact expandable tab.

There is much to share and enjoy. Most site visitors follow an external link to land on a specific product or article page. But the amazing home page highlights new information daily and gets more specific when you log in.


These are a few ways to become more active. Sharing your experience about the ClinicalPosters products that are hanging on your wall, or the ClinicalPins you wear is helpful. Inspire more articles to meet your needs.

Expand your network through social engagement by commenting on this site or various social media platforms. Your fingers will even get a little exercise, though I also encourage daily 40-minute walks, health permitting. I look forward to hearing and reading about your activity.

Photos by Fauxels and Andrea Piacquadio respectively from Pexels.

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