A Star is Born

A Star is Born

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Don’t you love to see stars and reviews for products? Most people do. Reviews help make purchasing decisions. Each product page now includes a tab for you to rate the products you receive.

Consolidate all the great accolades you receive from others as a result of hanging wall posters or wearing ClinicalPins. A few historical reviews have been imported. Subscribers receive post-purchase reminders but these are not retroactive. So using the ClinicalPosters powerful new search bar, easily locate the individual products you have. Then click to expand the review tab near the bottom of the page. Rate and share your experience.

You could become popular by leaving comments beneath articles like this one. The prior commenting system has been retired. The new one is powered by Disqus. So you can follow threads and receive notifications of replies. It is very interactive. If you love an article but have no time to write a reply, a click of the Thumbs Up is appreciated. Other site visitors thank you along with ClinicalPosters!

Shipping Carrier Ratings

ClinicalPosters primarily uses FedEx, USPS Priority Mail, First Class Mail, UPS, and DHL for deliveries. The following personal ratings are based on thousands of deliveries. For free shipping option, we use the most economical method. During checkout, you may choose specific carriers.

DHL WorldwideBarcodes replace customs documents for economical inter­nation­al delivery. Requires phone number. No claims filed.5 of 5
FedEx ExpressEfficient global over­night delivery. Requires phone number. Resolves claims quickly.5 of 5
FedEx GroundEfficient with minimal package damage through­out con­tig­uous USA and Canada. Requires phone number. Resolves claims quickly.4.5 of 5
Priority Express MailFast global delivery. Requires phone number for inter­nation­al mail. Claims can take long.4 of 5
Priority MailEconomical global delivery. Requires phone number for inter­natio­nal mail. Claims can take long.3.5 of 5
First ClassUninsured tacking recom­mend­ed for nominal fee. Ideal for small, low-value items.2.5 of 5
UPSCan be more economical than other carriers. Requires thick insulated packing. Frequent carton damage and claims.2.5 of 5

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