Reach Sanitation Goals

Reach Sanitation Goals

Thoroughly Clean Medical Offices

States are shutting down, reopening, and pausing. At what phase is your area? Some medical offices are only performing emergency services while others are backlogged with regular appointments. Due to the arrival of an unpredictable flu season, medical offices expect more in-person patient visits. In any case, there is more emphasis on efficiency and sanitation.

Examination room anatomy posters do more than decorate offices. They provide visuals that help medical professionals communicate efficiently with patients. This can reduce the time while improving the efficiency of patient consultations.

Pre-pandemic clean up between patients may have involved little more than changing paper on the exam table, providing fresh gowns, and general tidying up. More thorough cleaning was an end-of-day task.

Sanitation Procedures

Now exam rooms undergo more thorough sanitation between each patient visit. Someone must wipe all external surfaces, including the examination table. Clean countertops, doorknobs, and stethoscopes. Anatomy posters with hygienic lamination and frames can be wiped off with a damp soapy cloth. Paper posters just hang on walls absorbing bacteria.

Hygienic lamination brightens colors up to 15 percent and resists fading longer. ClinicalPosters can help you get the right posters on your walls with minimal fuss. Pre-assembled one-click bundles are available for popular medical specialties. To build your own custom sets, view framing options on poster product pages.

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