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'Orange ladybug on green leaf'

No Big Thing

While something out of the ordinary may be enticing, consider more important factors without going to extraordinary lengths.

Neurology 'Female pain expression'

Dysesthesias – Nerve-Damaging Pain

Beyond headaches, most people assume trauma is necessary to experience pain. But this unspoken neurological condition may be the source of your discomfort.

Oncology 'Cervical examination'

Hysterectomy For Uterine Cancer

When a cervical endoscopy of the uterus reveals a polyp, the patient braces herself for an explanation of three types of hysterectomy.

Oncology 'Sad woman at party'

Hysterectomy Alternatives

Arlene’s doctor describes several noncancerous reasons why women receive hysterectomies, with prognosis for such treatments.

Cosmetology 'Attractive woman portrait'

How Attractive Are You?

You do not need someone to validate your attractive­ness. Here is a simple formula to rate yourself and determine what things you can do to improve.


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Woman 'Woman measuring her waist'

Shed Weight After Pregnancy

Enjoy practical ways to move those maternity clothes to the back of the closet so you can reach a healthy postpartum weight.

Woman 'My Role As A Bridesmaid'

My Role As A Bridesmaid

With my invitation to be a brides­maid, I get to have a great time wearing what is historically the worst attire in the wedding party!

Woman 'Pajama Party Women'

Adult Slumber Party Ideas

After all the social distancing, it is time for a girls’-night-out pajama party. Here’s how to be the hostess with the mostest.

Ob-gyn 'Newborn baby'

Frequent Cesarean Down South

High C-section rate is persistent problem for pregnant mothers, particularly down South.

Dermatology 'Botox and Dermal Fillers'

Botox and Dermal Fillers

There are differences between inject­ables. How far are you willing to go to preserve your youth­ful appearance?

Woman 'Female wearing red lingerie'

Vulva Rejuvenation Methods

There are several ways to spruce up appear­ance and function of aging genitalia. Compare advan­tages of avoid­ing or going under the knife.

Urology 'Neon wash room sign'

Is Incontinence Preventable?

After several accidental leaks, you may be wonder­ing if you’re develop­ing inconti­nence and wheth­er there are precau­tions to prevent or reverse it.


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