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'Female holding coconuts in front of breasts'

Speaking of Breasts

Will women with less than voluminous breasts receive a second chance at achieving the form they desire during pregnancy?

Gastroenterology 'Depressed female at bar with alcohol glass'

Higher Female Alcohol Mortality

Alcohol-related deaths for women surge compared with men. What is the correlation between body types and methods of consumption?

Woman 'Glove handling fertility tube'

Egg-Freezing Fertility Benefits

This article addresses important questions about what egg freezing includes, who it’s for, whether there are potential risks, and what the benefits are.

Woman 'Man watching food cook in oven'

Choose Your Cooking Appliance Wisely

The battle for cooking space is on. With overlapping features, you may have already crowded your countertops. If not, this will help you choose wisely.

Disability 'Amputee mother with toddler'

Physical Disability and Pregnancy

Bestowing the gift of life is not limited to able-bodied women. How can those with physical limitations overcome the challenges?


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Parents 'Mixed family outdoors in park'

Overcome Blended Family Challenges

Blended families are woven into the thread of today’s society. If you’re facing the prospect, this article provides tips to overcome unfavorable outcomes.

Woman 'Female emotional despair'

How Early Puberty Affected Me

A teen mom reflects on her good and bad decisions resulting from early puberty, as she advises girls in similar situations to make wise choices.

Gastroenterology 'The BMI Misdiagnosis Trend'

The BMI Misdiagnosis Trend

Some experts express concern that reliance on BMI has become overweight, leading to misdiagnosis, improper medication, and obesity mistreatment.

Emotions 'Domestic violence bills'

Sexual Assault Debt Collection

How a sexual assault leads to years of calls from debt collectors even though federal legislation makes it illegal.

Oncology 'Katie Coleman'

Interview With Stage 4 Kidney Cancer

She’s 31, has stage 4 kidney cancer — and talked openly about it during a job interview. Here’s what happened.

Woman 'Undersize bra foam bra padding'

How To Pad Your Bra

To make a favorable impression or turn heads at a party, consider options for healthy women with petite breasts.

Woman 'Orange ladybug on green leaf'

No Big Thing

While something out of the ordinary may be enticing, consider more important factors without going to extraordinary lengths.


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