Speaking of Breasts


Will women with less than voluminous breasts receive a second chance at achieving the form they long desire during pregnancy?

Who Cares About Breasts?


Let’s talk about breasts, hooters, boobies, ta-tas, or funbags. Why? Because half the worldwide population has them. Those that don’t are thinking about about them much of the time. Imagine a world filled with only women. They’d likely walk around with bare chests, as do some rural tribes, or women at public pools in Berlin.

The fact is, unless nursing an infant, breasts—particularly large ones—are an unnecessary nuisance. This high-maintenance anatomy can sweat, chafe, and get in the way. With a preference for minimal size, women would welcome the freedom to air dry in public. Of course, if everyone had breasts, they would be no big deal to look at.

At the onset of adolescence, when breasts begin to bud, females recognize their anatomy attracts mates. This ushers in whole new wardrobe interests. Accentuation generates attention. Teasing what everyone knows is there turns eyes their way. So it becomes adaptive behavior to increase chances of finding a mate.

Indeed, articles about female anatomy are among the most visited on this website. For this reason, precautions are in place to hinder prurient interests of minors.

Occasionally, initial buds never blossom as much as the figurative florist prefers. The end result may resemble fried eggs or even mosquito bites, from the list of slang expressions.

Body Image Battle

Entire industries focus on enhancing curves. There are bras that lift breasts to new heights, giving viewers the notion of natural perkiness. Of course, ultimate breast size varies. Despite the extra wear and tear of voluminous chests, 47% of women surveyed in 40 countries, who aren’t ballet dancers, often aspire to have larger bosoms (perhaps until they marry).

With durability limitations, some women receive implants. They may later regret the decision, while others become lifetime subscribers of replacement surgery. Some women, plagued with backaches from excessive weight, undergo breast reduction with mastopexy.

Many popular entertainers are comfortable with small breasts—even flaunting, rather than shielding cup sizes 34 or less.

18 Small-Breast Celebrities
  1. Cameron Diaz
  2. Ariana Grande
  3. Lucy Hale
  4. Katie Holmes
  5. Kate Hudson
  6. Lily James
  7. Kendall Jenner
  8. Kiera Knightly
  9. Mila Kunis
  10. Lupita Nyong’o
  11. Kate Middleton
  12. Sandra Oh
  13. Sara Jessica Parker
  14. Natalie Portman
  15. Taylor Swift
  16. Emma Watson
  17. Olivia Wilde
  18. Zendeya

Second Chance

Perhaps there is little growth beyond the initial bud. Fortunately, with other qualities, a good woman can attract a mate or have a successful career without mounds of subcutaneous tissue. She can satisfy a partner, become pregnant, and nurse an infant. This is when their big question of pubescent aspirations returns. Even temporarily, could the volume she longed for become a reality?

The answer is a resounding—maybe. It’s true that some women, within the second or third month of maternity, see breast expansion of perhaps two cup sizes. As the torso expands to accommodate an infant within, longer straps may also be necessary. Some expectant mothers add a couple of pounds to their chest load.

Other maternal women see no significant change. As with initial development, there is no standard for everyone. So hope for the least, and become surprised with the most. Candidly, human relationships shouldn’t revolve around breast size. Because eventually, gravity will be the victor of incredible mass.

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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

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